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Zinc Pumps

Protherm Zinc Pumps

Bespoke design and manufacturing

Our zinc pumps are designed according to your exact specifications and can be suited to any zinc bath size big or small.

They're useful to have in case of emergencies or maintenance so we recommend them when ordering your galvanising furnace.

Zinc Pump Feature Overview
Split Impeller Casing for Ease of Maintenance
Variable Speed Drive for Ease of Control of Discharge Rate
Inverter Drive for Remote Speed Adjustment
Robust Construction


Model 220-5.5-1000
Capacity0.5 - 2 tonnes/minute
Maximum Head4 metres
Motor Size5.5 kw

Model 220-11-1400
Capacity0.5 - 4 tonnes/minute
Maximum Head6 metres
Motor Size11 kw

Protherm 220-5.5-1000 Zinc Pump
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All Protherm equipment is designed 'in-house' by our own staff

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Close supervision

All equipment is manufactured under the close supervision of our staff

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Rigorous Inspection

All equipment is subject to rigorous inspection before final dispatch

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