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Drying Ovens

The Protherm drying oven

Drive your plant efficiency further

Our drying ovens greatly assist in improving the efficiency of your galvanising plant. We often supply these to recycle any excess heat from your galvanising furnace to save you spending more money on auxiliary heating.

Our simple construction is heavily insulated and, once again, you gain access to the unrivalled 24 hour Protherm customer support. Each drying oven is custom designed to fit your exacting needs and is always made to the utmost quality.

Features Overview of Drying Ovens
Powerful Recirculation Fan
Effective Drying
Uniform Heating
Insulated Covers
Simplified Construction
Waste Furnace Gas Heated
Flue Stack Air Heaters
No Auxiliary Burners Necessary

The Protherm Drying Oven

Powerful Recirculation Fan

Forced air-recirculating system based upon established commercial oven design criteria for uniform heating.

Simplified Construction

Main oven chamber & ducts constructed as part of foundations in standard reinforced concrete.

Heating by Furnace Exhaust Gases

Drying ovens an be heated directly from the exhaust gases from the galvanising furnace. No auxiliary burners necessary.

Flue Stack Air Heaters

For enhanced drying, galvanizing furnaces can be supplied with flue stack recuperators to produce a clean hot air stream from the furnace exhaust gases to heat the oven.

Kettle Support System

Kettle walls fully supported by spun cast alloy tube for maximum strength

Computer-aided Design

Extensive use of computer-aided design techniques to optimise the performance of the drying oven.

Drying Oven Schematics

The schematics provided here are for informational purposes only. Each and every Protherm drying oven is made to your very own, bespoke requirements by our own engineers.

Typical section through oven chamber illustrating powerful cross flow circulation of air flow
Typical section through oven chamber illustrating powerful cross air flow circulation
Overall view of assembled oven
Overall view of assembled oven
Typical layout for flue stack air heater
Typical layout for flue stack air heater
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All Protherm equipment is designed 'in-house' by our own staff

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Close supervision

All equipment is manufactured under the close supervision of our staff

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Rigorous Inspection

All equipment is subject to rigorous inspection before final dispatch

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