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Ceramic Galvanizing Baths

Ceramic-lined Galvanizing Baths

Optimised for insulation and longevity

For small items and high temperature zinc baths we supply ceramic-lined baths. These are designed to the highest quality standard to optimise thermal insulation and bath longevity.

Assembled and designed in the UK, we are able to stringently examine workmanship throughout its assembly. Our ceramic baths are shipped to you pre-assembled and ready to use. Our engineers will always be on hand to offer any kind of support 24 hours a day.

Galvanizing Bath Features
High temperature galvanizing; typically used for galvanizing nuts and bolts.
Zinc Temperature
From 450°C to 560°C
Heating Systems
Oil, gas, or dual fuel with fully automated ignition.
Temperature Control
Fully automatic with digital instrumentation.
Bath: Special refractory brickwork.
Heating Chamber: Lightweight low thermal mass insulation.
Baths shipped complete with brickwork and ready to use.
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All Protherm equipment is designed 'in-house' by our own staff

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Close supervision

All equipment is manufactured under the close supervision of our staff

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Rigorous Inspection

All equipment is subject to rigorous inspection before final dispatch

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