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Galvanizing Furnaces

The Protherm high velocity system

Bespoke design and manufacturing

Our furnaces are meticulously designed and manufactured to your unique needs and requirements, with over one-hundred of our furnaces in use today. Extensive use of technologies such as computer-aided design (CAD) allow us to optimise the design, such as the size of firing lanes and burner positions.

Completed furnaces are usually shipped complete with thermal insulation, burners, combustion controls, and pipework - ready for immediate installation. Furnaces for kettles up to 12.5M in length have been shipped complete with the kettle as a single unit weighing over 50 tonnes.

Illustrations Furnace for 3.5 x 1.8 x 3m deep kettle & furnace. Throughput: 7,000 kg/h Thermal rating of 880kw - natural gas. U frame kettle support system
Advantages of High-Velocity Firing
Optimum Heat Transfer
Heat transferred to both side and end walls over full height of kettle walls
High Recirculation of Furnace Gases
Ensures even heating to kettle walls
Extended Kettle Life
Uniform heating coupled with full utilisation of available kettle wall area for heat transfer
Minimum Number of Burners
High reliability, low maintenance, and minimum spares requirement
Fast Response to Load Changes
Fast Simple Site Installation
Equally Suited to Large or Small Kettles

The Protherm Furnace

Computer-aided Design

Extensive use of computer-aided design techniques to optimise size of firing lanes and burner positions.

Light Ceramic Fibre Insulation

Long life, high energy efficiency, fast response to load changes, speedy kettle changes.

Kettle Wall Compression Seal

Insulation designed to achieve flexible seal around top of kettle - no wear on wash line.

Robust Top Plates

Top plates seal against kettle to prevent ingress of zin and ash inside furnace.

Kettle Support System

Kettle walls fully supported by spun cast alloy tube for maximum strength


Burners suitable for oil, natural gas, LPG, etc.

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All Protherm equipment is designed 'in-house' by our own staff

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Close supervision

All equipment is manufactured under the close supervision of our staff

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Rigorous Inspection

All equipment is subject to rigorous inspection before final dispatch

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