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Engineering for the
hot-dip galvanizing industry.

With over 30 years experience.

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Worldwide Service

Protherm supply equipment worldwide. Site installations are always supervised by a full time member of Protherm’s staff. Technical support available 24 hours per day.

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Engineering and Design

Client-tailored equipment with an extensive range of design solutions. Project management with full engineering support. Informed technical support on services and ancillary equipment.

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Over 100 High Velocity Furnaces supplied worldwide are available for kettles up to 16 x 2 x 3.6m deep. Installation locations include: USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, France, Czech Republic, UK, Australia, and India.

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Furnaces are normally shipped complete with thermal insulation, burners, combustion controls and pipework ready for immediate installation.


Protherm Engineering was formed by Mike Brinkworth and Keith Clark in February 1984. The formation of the Company was made to exploit the knowledge Mike Brinkworth had of high velocity fired furnace systems within the client base that Keith Clark had developed in the galvanizing industry. Simon Clark joined the company at its inception.

The galvanizing industry has always been the main focus of the company’s activities and Protherm has developed a significant customer base both at home in the UK and overseas.

Over the years it has expanded its product range based on one overriding objective - to produce rugged, well engineered equipment eminently suited to the hostile environment encountered in hot dip galvanizing. The Company has always shunned gimmicks in favour of properly engineered products designed for engineers.

Acknowledging the fact that it is a small company, customers’ priorities are never ignored. Protherm encourages open dialogue with clients and in the words of the co-founder “We like to think of ourselves as a total partner”.

Products & Services

Ceramic Galvanizing Baths

Surface-heated high temperature ceramic galvanizing baths for galvanizing up to 560°C.

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Drying Ovens

Fan-assisted fully-forced air circulating type drying ovens heated by furnace exhaust gases.

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Centrifuge Machines

Floor-mounted for high quality centrifuge galvanizing for small parts; with options.

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White Fume & Splash Control

Fixed enclosure for monorail hoist systems. Crane mounted enclosure for cross-shop layouts. Lip extraction systems.

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Air Heaters

Flue stack recuperator for generating hot air supply to drying oven for enhanced drying from furnace exhaust gases.

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Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Heat exchanger systems for generating hot water supplies from furnace exhaust gases for process tank heating.

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Wire Galvanizing

Galvanizing furnaces specially configured for continuous galvanizing of wire and bar.

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Design and Consultancy

Complete plant design. Project management and plant procurement.

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Zinc Pumps

Complete plant design. Project management and plant procurement.

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